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Meet Jimmy


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Jimmy Sneed PE

Managing Director, Critical Facilities

Managing Principal

As the Managing Director of Critical Facilities, Jimmy Sneed mentors

the next generation of leaders by facilitating team training and standards for our critical facilities projects.

One of his goals is to make the world better through sustainable solutions for critical facilities projects. He speaks on engineering topics for critical facilities to help our clients transform building infrastructure and environments to transform business.

Jimmy earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at the George Mason University and is a licensed professional engineer. He is a thought leader and continues to lead the way in the design of
sustainable critical facilities.

  Fear Less, Understand More: The Future of Nuclear Energy

  Nuclear Events & Where the Industry is Today

  Nuclear: The Key to Sustainable Energy?

  Securing the Grid: It's Important


Below are links to the 7x24 Fall Conference and an on-demand webinar in which Jimmy talks about the future of sustainability as related to critical facilities. 

Speaking Events_7x24 Fall Conference.jpg


Is Nuclear the Key to Sustainable Energy for Data Centers and Beyond?

Our presentation focuses on the issues facing our industry regarding the ever-increasing power demands of data centers and how nuclear energy may be the long-term solution to provide this power sustainably.

Speaking Events_Get off the Grid.jpg


A $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill, Battery Storage, and Nuclear Energy: The Future of Sustainability

Jimmy discusses how an investment in infrastructure is important to the future of sustainability and how the Biden Administration's bill impacts our industry.

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